I’m back! FUCK! what have I missed?!?!?!?!!?!

I’m back from vacation and ready to start updating the blog again.

Let me just start off by saying what a two weeks of football I’ve missed. Congratulations to the Japan WNT for winning the World Cup, & Uruguay for winning the 2011 Copa America. Stuart Downing signed for Liverpool, Cesc Fabregas looks closer to signing for Barcelona while the Alexis Sanchez deal was officially completed. Kun Aguero looks to be leaving Atletico for good, Carlos Tevez quarter life crisis continues, and Harry Redknapp takes again from the Sir Doctor Ferguson book of gamesmanship

Here are some great reactions from Japanese fans cheering their team to victory and celebrating after a nailbiting penalty shootout against the USA


Luis Suarez makes Liverpool fans salvate with his amazing display against Paraguay in the Copa America Final. Diego Forlan shows that he’s still got it (as we never doubted he did)

  Alex Morgan shows she’s still got her goalscoring touch after the World Cup

And Nani Approves This Message: