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I’ve developed an obsession with Borussia Dortmund fans. They are by far the best in the world because of their organization, their choreography, and their volume. The earth shakes when they get loud, and I can feel in through the television screen. 

There’s no coincidence that the team has had so much recent success with fans behind the team like BVB. This is the kind of atmosphere any player wants to play in front of every week. The stadium seats 80,000 and is the largest stadium in Germany, as well as the sixth largest in Europe.

Borussia Dortmund is the first, and only, publicly traded club on the German stock market. And has gotten through a tough recent financial top to climb back on top of the Bundesliga in 2011, and return to the Champions League. BVB are 7 times Bundesliga Champions, and were winners of the Champions League in 1997.

The good times are back in Dortmund as BVB rides their passionate fans and talented youthful squad toward another successful season in the Bundesliga

As If You Didn’t Know: Gary Cahill Signs for Chelsea

It’s no secret that Gary Cahill is one of the best defenders in the English game. Europe’s top clubs have been drooling over him for almost 5 years now. Gary Cahill is one of a few English players that have managed to crack Fabio Capello’s starting 11 playing for a club out of the Top 7 in the Premier League. Gary Cahill is the type of player ever football club wants. He’s supremely talented, hardworking, and always the professional. He treats his football like the profession that it is, and that’s exactly the type of player any fan can hope to have at their club.

So Chelsea have once again reasserted themselves as the envy of the Premier League. Signing Gary Cahill is a lot like signing Rio Ferdinand, Jamie Carragher, or John Terry in their prime. He’s going to come into a squad that’s all ready to accept him and instantly contribute to Chelsea’s success at the domestic and international level. Surely now, this will ensure Cahill of a starting place for England.

Good luck to Gary at Chelsea.