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AO New Haven Meets TODAY at Anna Liffeys for USA-Italy

Rain, snow, or shine The American Outlaws newest unofficial chapter will be anticipating a performance by the U.S. Men’s National Team against Italy in Genoa.

This is the first match for AO New Haven as our good friend AO Hartford have been established for nearly 4 years. Come down and take in a match with friends at Anna Liffeys in New Haven - 17 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT - and enjoy talking all things soccer/football with passionate U.S. Soccer fans. Match starts at 2:30pm, today February 29th. Don’t forget to wear your uniform: stars, stripes, red, white, and of course blue. Bandanas, flags, construction hats. Whatever you can think of to represent the U.S.

The American Outlaws are the Premier USMNT Supporters Group in the United States. They represent the next generation of U.S. soccer fans, that aren’t content with clapping & saying ‘defense.’ Instead, the future is more dynamic, outlandish, and of course, passionate in U.S. MNT support. Join American Outalws today

Become an American Outlaw

Our mission is to Unite and Strengthen the fans of the United States Mens’ National Team, through a group of dedicated supporters. We are loud, passionate, organized, and dedicated.

We pledge

  • To be loud. To stand, sing and cheer our boys on.
  • To be an organized, unified group of fans at both the local and national level.
  • To hold events surrounding the US National Team Games both at the stadium and at locations across the country.
  • To become a community of fans dedicated to supporting our team.


  • Discounts on Tickets to the supporters section of each US game
  • Membership benefits at events such as tailgates, viewing parties, etc.
  • 10% Discounts at
  • Free gifts from great companies such as NIKE, FSC, and more…  (varies based on events)
  • Flight Discounts from Continental Airlines to any US Soccer game, anywhere in the world.
  • Members also get a the new 2012 American Outlaws tshirt & an American flag bandana

It doesn’t have to be once every four years.

Celebrate every US MNT goal with American Outlaws with over 72 chapters across the country, or join us in Connecticut for every televised US MNT team game in New Haven, or Hartford to support the boys of the red white & blue right here at home. 

Joining American Outlaws was probably the easiest $20 I’ve ever spent. It was immediately reimbursed when I received my free shirt, and discounts on US MNT games. Also, the camaraderie achieved is instantaneous and priceless whenever attending AO viewing parties, and pre match tailgates outside the stadium. 

So check out American Outlaws today. Learn the songs listed here. View the Chants below and get in on the movement on the road to the 2014 World Cup

Here is the newest song from The American Outlaws Chant Contest submitted be a member. We love this. It’s easy to see how much energy this song will bring when chanted by thousands of people. We hope to get this chant started in New Haven today.

The USA will stand our ground, the USA will not back down

We are the People’s team, We are the People’s team, We are the People’s team

We’re the Sons of Liberty

We are the People’s team, We are the People’s team, We are the People’s team

We’re the Songs of Liberty 

United, United

The Outlaws are United

United, United

Forever Undivided

We are the People’s team, We are the People’s team, We are the People’s team

We’re the Sons of Liberty


Great Landon Donovan chant by AO NYC. Video validated by Stanky Leg.

He’s Landon Donovan

He’s All-American

He Scores for Everton

And Beats the Mexicans


Another winner from the AO Chant Contest, an ode to Tim Howard & an ode to Timmy from South Park alllll at the same time. 

I don’t think I could type this out better than he can say it, or we can sing it so leggo!

This chant, and the one above won the AO Chant Contest in January, and I believe this is the first US MNT game where the chants will be used.

Ti-meh, Ti-meh, Ti-meh, Ti-meh, Ti-meh, Ti-meh, TI-MEH!

That worked out.

Classic American Outlaws song sung over and over as US MNT team games. Doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Any song that includes a bounce is automatically addicting. We love ya, that’s for sure.

We love ya, We Love ya, We love ya

and where you go we’ll follow, we’ll follow, we’ll follow

Cause we support the US, the US, the US

And that’s the way we like it, we like it, we like it


All of this is way to fun for you to be sitting around and not joining in on the action. Get to your local AO Chapter today and celebrate America as USA take on Italy in Genoa. We’ll be here in New Haven, enjoying great drink specials at Anna Liffeys - $3 Bud Light Draft, $2.50 PBR, 10% off appetizers for the match. All ages are welcome in the restaurant part of the pub.

Pick up one of our Chapter scarves and tshirts today at the match. $20 for the scarves (normally $30) and $15 for the tshirts. The scarves are double sided, meaning you get both colors for one scarf. They are very high quality. I was really impressed to get my hands on one of these, and it’s worth bringing the $20 to get one today, because they’re normally $30 and they’re worth every penny. Excellent material provided by Ruffneck Scarves.

Hope to see you all at the game today!

Know Your Football New Haven: Quality > Quantity - Building a local football family - the best is yet to come

I’ve got university starting up again soon and as someone who is never happy with anything short of fantastic, I don’t want to been disappointed with the quality of this blog in the coming months. It’s made me step back and think. School and work are way more important to my life right now than a soccer blog, but who knows, that could all change. However, football is a 24 hour game, with no breaks, especially when the transfer window is still open. It’s hard to keep up with, and as a person who is all for quality, I will always want to keep up no matter what. It’s been driving me crazy the last week as some key transfers start to form and some interesting plot lines in the Premier League start to develop, and to think La Liga & Serie A haven’t even started yet. I don’t want to drive myself bonkers being torn between two loves & a necessity. However, I think I’ve sorted it all out.

Over the last couple days, I’ve taken a break from the blog & really thought about what I wanted to do. I love football, it is my passion, and I hardly have anyone around me with the same passion as I do for the sport. Blogging is an important outlet for me to connect with other people who have the same interests as me, and Know Your Football New Haven is not going away. I also want to grow my home supporters club. Form CT Football Supporters as an organization, plus an LFC Connecticut chapter in New Haven so people have a place to go to feel closer to the game thousands of miles away - which is something a couch simply can’t offer. Plus school, plus work, plus friends, family commitments, etc etc. the blog will not be sacrificed, however this situation called life has definitely prompted a different change in direction

Instead of trying to keep up with the same news stories as major news sources like The Guardian, the Telegraph, the Daily Mirror, ESPNsoccernet, Fox, along with finding videos + photos etc. I’m going to focus more on opinion pieces. Things that take 3 or 4 days of research. Sure, I’ll still have the cool videos& I will never ever stop doing the Scouting Reports, but the aim is simple: less is more.

More pieces authored by myself that offer something different than the general media. More articles to take your knowledge of football from casual observer to tactical aficionado. More insight to the places that define our favorite clubs. More emphasis on local activities involved with CT Football Supporters & LFC Connecticut & other supporters club including New Haven Gooners. We have a vast & interesting soccer support in our state, but it’s never been organized. We aim to change that. With CT Football Supporters we’ll be able to unite, strengthen and actually get things done. I want curious people, who aren’t afraid to sing, who aren’t afraid to say they don’t know why Man Utd is never called ‘Man U’ even though they’ve been a ‘fan all their life’ or been supporting ‘since forever’

More organization means more fun. More fun means more people. More people means more recognition. More recognition means more clout. More clout means more members. More members lead to official recognition. Official Recognition leads to more tickets. More tickets = trips overseas, and by this time, the whole thing propels itself so you only have worry about steering the train & not building it. We can do this; we just have to be dedicated, focused & vigilant. But most importantly: organized.

This blog aims to help with that organization and be a resource & interest to those outside CT as well. If people could grow their game from this blog, that would be the biggest honor of all. Especially with women, I know that a lot of times there is a stigma that we don’t know tactics - we only know what players have the nicest butts. I can change that, because I happen to know both. 

The best is yet to come. On the blog & in New Haven, because who doesn’t want to come drink beer at 9 o’clock in the morning if not for the novelty alone. You can have an Irish breakfast and pub crawl before noon. It’s only two short blocks between Christy’s & Anna Liffey’s and if the debate between the two is still stretching your heart, than just go to both. Make a new tradition. Because that’s what we’re all about, cultivating new traditions, uncovering new knowledge, & reveling in the passion of sport. Once you start joining us at Anna Liffey’s & Christy’s - you’ll be finding yourself waking up on Sunday craving Guinness & eggs. The support is still in its infancy. Ask questions, show up. There’s a movement of young people in New Haven who want to make this thing bigger than it is and know that we have to potential to do so. With no professional sports team in all of Connecticut, the door is wide open for 9 months of football fanatics. 

Thanks to all of you & I definitely appreciate the support

Imani W.

CT Football Supporters

Come Support Play For Tara - a Football/Soccer Benefit for All Ages & Skills in West Haven, CT for a Family in Need of Our Help

Within days of an accident that left a beloved Connecticut soccer coach and mother of five burned over 50 percent of her body, 40 people gathered at a fellow coach’s home to brainstorm ways to help.

They set up a plan to deliver food to the family every night for two months, while Tara Severino recuperates from the third-degree burns she suffered while burning brush at her mother’s home in June.

A nurse at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Tara’s co-workers have donated their paid time off for her use. Now, as Severino, 46, recovers in the burn unit at Bridgeport Hospital, community members have set up “Play for Tara,” a West Haven Youth Soccer-sponsored all-day tournament to benefit their healing friend.

Anyone she’s met she’s touched, so it’s overwhelming, the support we’ve gotten,” said her husband, Bob Severino. “It’s a tribute to Tara, I guess,”

The tournament, spearheaded by Severino’s friend Krista Pickering and West Haven Youth Soccer coach Joe Morrell, will be held 10 a.m.-6 p.m Sunday 7/10/11 at West Haven High School’s Ken Strong Stadium. The entrance fee is $10, and the rain date is July 17. Morrell said the idea for the event, which will have live music and all-day “just for fun” soccer for every age group, was conceived as a way to help a woman who “would do anything for anybody.”

Her house is always open to everybody. … That’s the type of family that they are,” he said. The event centers on Severino’s love of the game; there are no trophies planned, no focus on winning, just an attitude of “everybody come, everybody play,” Morrell said. Severino has four daughters and a son, ages 4-14, and still manages to be “all about giving back to the community,” said Pickering, the boy’s godmother.

That community has “come out of the woodwork” to help the family, Bob said. His wife has undergone five surgeries, and is expected to fully recover after two to three months in the hospital, followed by at-home rehabilitation, he said. She’s “amazed” the doctors with her improved condition, her husband said, adding that he had “all the confidence in the world” that his wife can get through the battle ahead of her.

“It’s going to be a long, arduous healing process but she’s going to get there,” Krista said. “When this happened, everybody’s first reaction was, ‘How horrible, but if anybody can pull through this, it’s her.’ She’s the type of the person who pushes you past what you knew what you could do. … She’s a really strong individual.”

Come out tomorrow, Sunday July 10th (raindate July 17th), at West Haven high school to take part in the events.

There is a $10 fee to Play or Watch: all proceeds will go to Tara’s family, helping to buy food and general living expenses for her 5 children aged 4-14

There will be soccer games going on throughout the day. All ages & skill levels are welcomed and encouraged. Teams will be formed at the stadium so it’s okay to just show up & all teams will also be co-ed so ask any of your friends to come out and play for a good cause.

Live bands, soccer skills contests, games & activities will also be going on throughout the day from 11am - 6pm

Just show up ready to play & have fun, cleats, sneakers, shinguards or not. This is all about supporting a great person & family in need. So please, if you live in Connecticut and you have time, drive down to West Haven and show your support.


5-8 YEAR OLDS - Registration at 10am, Games played 10:30am - 12:30pm

9-13 YEAR OLDS - Registration at 10am, Games played 10:30am - 12:30pm

High School (14-18 year olds) - Registration at 1pm, Games from 1:30 - 5pm

Adult Games & Open Play - Matches & Kick abouts from 5pm-6pm



It’s here!  A script was made for the new dash allowing you to access more features on Tumblr than ever before :DIf you want your dash to look like this; 
Simply reblog + followhttp://wisdom-quotes.tumblr.comhttp://wisdom-quotes.tumblr.comAnyone who follows & reblogs will get the script sent in their ask :)Feel free to ask any questions you may have about it!Enjoy!!!! xx


Yay!  It actually worked :D

fml i’m blog rank 27,423 hahaha :-(((( no one loves me.



It’s here!  A script was made for the new dash allowing you to access more features on Tumblr than ever before :D
If you want your dash to look like this;

Simply reblog + follow

Anyone who follows & reblogs will get the script sent in their ask :)
Feel free to ask any questions you may have about it!
Enjoy!!!! xx


Yay!  It actually worked :D

fml i’m blog rank 27,423 hahaha :-(((( no one loves me.

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