Know Your Football New Haven: Quality > Quantity - Building a local football family - the best is yet to come

I’ve got university starting up again soon and as someone who is never happy with anything short of fantastic, I don’t want to been disappointed with the quality of this blog in the coming months. It’s made me step back and think. School and work are way more important to my life right now than a soccer blog, but who knows, that could all change. However, football is a 24 hour game, with no breaks, especially when the transfer window is still open. It’s hard to keep up with, and as a person who is all for quality, I will always want to keep up no matter what. It’s been driving me crazy the last week as some key transfers start to form and some interesting plot lines in the Premier League start to develop, and to think La Liga & Serie A haven’t even started yet. I don’t want to drive myself bonkers being torn between two loves & a necessity. However, I think I’ve sorted it all out.

Over the last couple days, I’ve taken a break from the blog & really thought about what I wanted to do. I love football, it is my passion, and I hardly have anyone around me with the same passion as I do for the sport. Blogging is an important outlet for me to connect with other people who have the same interests as me, and Know Your Football New Haven is not going away. I also want to grow my home supporters club. Form CT Football Supporters as an organization, plus an LFC Connecticut chapter in New Haven so people have a place to go to feel closer to the game thousands of miles away - which is something a couch simply can’t offer. Plus school, plus work, plus friends, family commitments, etc etc. the blog will not be sacrificed, however this situation called life has definitely prompted a different change in direction

Instead of trying to keep up with the same news stories as major news sources like The Guardian, the Telegraph, the Daily Mirror, ESPNsoccernet, Fox, along with finding videos + photos etc. I’m going to focus more on opinion pieces. Things that take 3 or 4 days of research. Sure, I’ll still have the cool videos& I will never ever stop doing the Scouting Reports, but the aim is simple: less is more.

More pieces authored by myself that offer something different than the general media. More articles to take your knowledge of football from casual observer to tactical aficionado. More insight to the places that define our favorite clubs. More emphasis on local activities involved with CT Football Supporters & LFC Connecticut & other supporters club including New Haven Gooners. We have a vast & interesting soccer support in our state, but it’s never been organized. We aim to change that. With CT Football Supporters we’ll be able to unite, strengthen and actually get things done. I want curious people, who aren’t afraid to sing, who aren’t afraid to say they don’t know why Man Utd is never called ‘Man U’ even though they’ve been a ‘fan all their life’ or been supporting ‘since forever’

More organization means more fun. More fun means more people. More people means more recognition. More recognition means more clout. More clout means more members. More members lead to official recognition. Official Recognition leads to more tickets. More tickets = trips overseas, and by this time, the whole thing propels itself so you only have worry about steering the train & not building it. We can do this; we just have to be dedicated, focused & vigilant. But most importantly: organized.

This blog aims to help with that organization and be a resource & interest to those outside CT as well. If people could grow their game from this blog, that would be the biggest honor of all. Especially with women, I know that a lot of times there is a stigma that we don’t know tactics - we only know what players have the nicest butts. I can change that, because I happen to know both. 

The best is yet to come. On the blog & in New Haven, because who doesn’t want to come drink beer at 9 o’clock in the morning if not for the novelty alone. You can have an Irish breakfast and pub crawl before noon. It’s only two short blocks between Christy’s & Anna Liffey’s and if the debate between the two is still stretching your heart, than just go to both. Make a new tradition. Because that’s what we’re all about, cultivating new traditions, uncovering new knowledge, & reveling in the passion of sport. Once you start joining us at Anna Liffey’s & Christy’s - you’ll be finding yourself waking up on Sunday craving Guinness & eggs. The support is still in its infancy. Ask questions, show up. There’s a movement of young people in New Haven who want to make this thing bigger than it is and know that we have to potential to do so. With no professional sports team in all of Connecticut, the door is wide open for 9 months of football fanatics. 

Thanks to all of you & I definitely appreciate the support

Imani W.

CT Football Supporters