Owen Hargreaves Scores in his Man City Debut - Continues Shutting People Up

contributed by Imani W

In what will be one of the best stories in football no matter what team you support, Owen Hargreaves made an unlikely debut for Manchester City even more memorable with this wonderful goal from outside the area in the Carling Cup on Wednesday.

After not playing more than five minutes of a competitive football match since 2008, Hargreaves scored a glorious goal from outside the area as if to say “I was never meant to be forgotten” in front of astonished Manchester City fans.

Owen started his professional career moving to Bayern Munich at the age of 16 in July of 1997. He made his first team debut with the club in 2000, the year FC Bayern lifting the Champions League trophy in 2001. Hargreaves is only one of two English players to win a Champions League title with a non-english club. Hargreaves went on to win 4 Bundesliga titles with Bayern in 2001, 2003, 2005, & 2006. His first major injury setback came when he broke his leg which kept him from playing for Bayern Munich for most of the 2006-2007 season.

It was the performances he put in for the German club that attracted the attention of Sir Alex Ferguson who signed Hargreaves for £17 million in the summer transfer window before the 07-08 season. Trophies seemed to be following Hargreaves wherever he went winning both the Premier League and the Champions League with United in his first season.

However Hargreaves second season at United was laddened with injuries including a patellar tendinitis problem that lead him to see reknowned knee surgeon Richard Steadman in 2009. He would also have minor surgery on his left knee which kept him out of the 08 - 09 season. This saw him miss out on a second Premier League title for the club, which must have been a difficult time for a footballer used to being in the midst of such success.

Owen underwent his rehabilitation process in the United States, slowly but surely building up his fitness. It would be almost a year until Hargreaves returned to England & over that mark before he returned to a place at the club. In May 2010, he made a 93rd minute return to the Premier League against Sunderland after missing 133 matches in 20 months.

In what was surely to be his moment, Hargreaves was listed in the starting line up against in November 2010 against Wolves, his first start since September 2008. But fate seemed to toy with Hargreaves again as he limped off with a hamstring injury only 5 minutes into the match.

In May 2011, Sir Alex confirmed that Manchester United would not be offering Hargreaves a new contract, speculating rumors of his retirement. However, this resourceful man who had already defied the odds many times in his career would not give up.

Instead, he posted videos on YouTube to prove his fitness. In fact, he posted goofy videos on youtube to prove his fitness that were the laughing stock on the blogosphere for weeks afterward. But it’s Owen who’s had the last laugh, his persistence paying off as he was signed on a one-year-deal by Manchester City; a team surely to win a trophy this season. He also proved doubters wrong again, writing him off as a useless signing by scoring his debut goal the way he did.

Who knows what’s in store for Hargreaves this season. It has to be said that Manchester City may be the perfect fit for the injury prone midfielder, their rotation policy will ensure he will be well rested & prepared before each of his appearances. A fit Owen Hargreaves may prove to be the ace in the hat for City this year and Owen may be riding another celebration bus off into the sunset come may perhaps with a Champions League and Premier League trophy in Hand.

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