DEAL IS DONE, BARCA SIGN SANCHEZ for £32 million. Udinese profit £30.3m for player. Sanchez signed for Udinese for £1.7m in 2006.

After making a splash at the 2010 World Cup with the Chilean national team, the 22 year old has continued his stellar form with club Udinese and has proven to be a top transfer target for many of the World’s top clubs this summer including Barcelona, Inter Milan, and newcomers Man City whose pockets are bulging with cash from their rich Arab based owners Abu Dhabi Group. Sanchez shows touch, skill, pace, poise on the ball, the vision to pass and the strike to score a goal at such a young age. In today’s football, this is the most valuable kind of player around.

Sanchez is a player that shows up for both club and country, which proves he doesn’t let different circumstances affect his style of play. The trend of South American ‘bull’ type players continues with Sanchez, alongside the likes of Tevez, Aguero, Messi, and even Liverpool’s Luis Suarez who play blast, and bulldoze through opponents defense. Along with Tevez, Aguero, and Messi - Sanchez is the type of player that causes defenders to make mistakes, he’s got fast footwork and an incredible mind, forcing those who play against him to have the utmost concentration or simply catch his dust.

Sanchez is an example of the power of YouTube in creating influence & buzz regarding real time transfers in today’s world. His talent would be the same, but there is no doubt that Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez wouldn’t be front page news without the army of fans searching him on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and other online platforms, scouting a potential recruit to their team; and the scores of amateur highlight film aficionados feeding the frenzy. I’m sure his Agent and PR team really don’t mind.


this is a repost, originally posted at my personal blog Know Your Football New Haven 6/16/11