No Clasico is complete without a mele, check out that and match highlights below

Beyond doubt this was one of the best clasico’s in decades. With so much tension building before the game & none of it defused after the first tie, it was all certain to explode under the lights and the Nou Camp.

This was a pulse pounding, heart screaming, your grandpa shouldn’t be watching kind of game where anything and everything was happening, even beyond the 90 minutes. This is football futbol for all the people out there that are skeptical about the sport, I show you this as evidance this is truly the most exciting and envigorating game there is on the planet. The clasico egnites a sort of energy around the planet, you can feel it emmittting from the players, the pitch and every fan. It’s something that wills magical moments that none of us will ever want to miss. Where there is sorrow for los blancos, there is joy for the blaugrana. It may be hard to swallow, but it seems the polar switch is complete with Barca dominating Madrid in every way. No matter how much money they spend or how many players they buy, Barca has something special, a seed planted in the heart at La Masia, a will that is spurred by thousands of Catalans who have always used FC Barca to believe. Football is a lot about belief. If you have enough believing, magical things can happen, and some believe that it always will. As a lover of football, I can’t help but be enamored by Barcelona, their history, their play, their players, their fans, even the Camp Nou itself are so engrained in everything I love about sport. Passion, desire, ability, ambition, vengeance, vindication, perseverance, love & the manifestation of dreams. This is why I love football, and this is why I love el clasico. It’s all the tiny subplots between the clubs & the players & the fans. When so much is riding on a game, that even the advertisments come true.

To think, it’s only August. We’ve got nine more months of scintillating matchups across the globe, and there will be at least two more clasicos to take in this season. I can hardly wait

Let the Gamemanship begin - Pep says Real better than Barca, expects Fabregas to play in Supercopa

I see you Pep, I see you. Anyone & everyone knows when a manager admits that his opponents are a better team in a big as match it’s nothing but bullshit. Sugar coated chocolately flavored bullshit, but still bullshit. Don’t put it in your mouth…

For anyone new to these tactics that have even been employed by Mourinho himself. The soul purpose is this: to get the other team to be complacent on the pitch. Going out and expecting to win is probably the best way to lose.

I know this, you know this, Xabi Alonso & Iker Casillas know this, but does Marcelo? We’ll see. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to a team that is playing well, is that everyone starts saying that they are playing well, even worse when your fiercest rivals are confirming it. But let’s get real here (pun definitely intended), Pep Guardiola lauding Real Madrid has the same effect as sticking out your hand and pulling it away when someone tries to shake it.

I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed with Pep Guardiola, I thought that he would wait to use this kind of tactic for a more important game beside the Supercopa, I mean the season has barely started yet. Who knows Real & Barca may meet 18,240 more times this season, he wouldn’t want to start giving away all his secrets now, this method surely could have been used somewhere else. It’s this kind of thing that would perfectly throw off Sir Alex Ferguson in the event that two meet in another Champions League clash. Futhermore, this article is definitely a result of the extremely bored international press now that Cescgate is officially over.

Fabregas is expected to make his debut sometime during the supercopa later today with Pep adding, “He has trained very well, a lot of time alone, and also some bits with the team. He will surely be in the squad, but [Wednesday] we will see if he will play the whole 90 minutes or not.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Cesc had a private setup to watch training sessions via Skype in the Arsenal training ground.

It should be interesting at the Camp Nou this evening, if the match we are treated to is anywhere near as good as what we witnessed Sunday night. As a neutral, I couldn’t be more excited to see these two teams go at each other like they did in the old days. Personally, I just want to see another Xabi goal celebration, & Gerard Pique attacked by a tiny dancer that only turns out to be Shakira.

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SUPERCOPA: Why Real Madrid Dominated Barcelona - A Display of Jose

From the days on leading from the start, I knew that this was a big match for Madrid for more reasons than just being the clasico. Over the last three seasons Los Merengues have been absolutely dominated by their rivals Barcelona, especially at their home ground of the Bernabeu with multiple 5+ goal defeats. Knowing Mourinho from his days at Chelsea, I knew that he was going to change the mentality for this match, because he knows Barcelona’s only collective strength is also their only collective weakness

If you pressure Barcelona by man marking, they will have no room to pass or receive the ball. It worked the whole match. The whole match. But Barcelona are especially lucky because they happen to have two of the indisputable best strikers in the world David Villa & Leo Messi, what other players can pull out what they did out of nothing. With that said:

I’ve never seen Pep Guardiola look so worried. 

Barcelona were getting bossed by Madrid, it seemed that order had been restored in the Capital. They had done everything right. But… Messi… and Villa… Mourinho was frustrated too. They had the perfect game plan that was being executed perfectly. They went up a goal, they saw majestic performances from each & every one of their players including Ozil, Marcelo, young Fabio Coentrao & Jose Callejon, Benzema, Higauin, Ronaldo. His forwards were tracking back to defend, his midfielders never stopped moving their feet (when Xabi Alonso scores - everything is working for you.) For the first time in a long time los merengues moved as one on the pitch, pressuring, getting physical, looking English? But still there was Messi & Villa.

I don’t think Mourinho could have been more frustrated either, he did everything right, he saw his players perform the best they have in years, not only with him, but still they did not win. I know Jose must not have slept much that night. His 26 training sessions, & multitude of preseason matches were training his squad to be victorious in this symbolic moment. And they were in every way but on the scoreline and that just isn’t good enough. It was clear this match meant a lot more to Real, than Barca, but then again, a loss would have meant more to them too. Although the losers of the Supercopa with always say it doesn’t really matter, for the victors it is vitally important for the mentality of the team going into the new campaign. The mentality that Mourinho is having sleepless nights trying to alter & change.

This was a start, a masked & silent victory. I think now he knows, it can be done & they will do it again. After all, Barcelona play like Barcelona, they have no plan B. It’s a fact to be exploited if only someone knew how, it’s a race to be the one who does it first on the biggest stage. Expect more of the same on Wednesday, and a bit more tweaks by an adventurous & determined Jose.

special thanks to umakoo for backing up my useless twitter posts with video evidence online - thank you

Real Madrid - FC Barcelona

Earth quakes, track suits, sliding vehicles, super strength, cosmic irregularities in the rotation of the earth & oh yeah Andres Iniesta, Iker Casillas

the ad doesn’t start until 2:55 but it’s well worth watching the entire segment, which showcases the talent in the budding spanish film industry