Pepe Steps on Messi’s Hands - Coentrao bashes Messi’s head - Soils Real Madrid Shirt

There was true grit in last night’s El Clasico at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho did everything right but still lost at the head of Captain Carles Puyol & Eric Abidal’s second ever goal for FC Barcelona

Although Real Madrid redeemed themselves a bit by not losing by 4 or 5 goals in their home stadium. Shame was brought upon them in this cheap shot by defender Pepe. Not only did the big man spend most of the game diving. Here he’s seen purposely stepping on Messi’s hands after the little World Player of the Year earned a deserved free kick.

Notice that Pepe takes the time to walk right into Messi, then he coyly looks down and somehow accidentally takes two quick steps that happen to be right on Messi’s hands. Messi has such big hands. When I saw this during the match, I was embarrassed for Real Madrid, this kind of treatment toward a player for no reason beside “he’s just too good” is awful for the game.

No wonder Messi swooped up his third consecutive World Player of the Year Trophy. Not only does he score goals, make beautiful assists, go about his business as a role model, and a fantastic teammate, Messi gets fouled more than any player in the world. There’s no other way to stop him legally. So he gets kicked, stepped on, his head bashed in by Coentrao. Worst of all, these fouls aren’t even committed with any sense of honor regardless of whether there is such a thing. Pepe fakes like he’s going to talk to the referee, but has just enough time to mistakenly look to find Messi’s hand in the grass to stomp on it. 

Coentrao should be embarrassed for himself. He helps Messi up, only to purposely shove him back down. Talk about sportsmanship. Well, at the end of the day, Messi has the hardware and Coentrao has nothing. Coentrao hasn’t even proved himself to be a permanent regular part of the squad, forget making Real Madrid looks like the bad guys. At least Hamir Altintop didn’t punch Andres Iniesta in the face, then the entire back line put out by Mourinho could claim they thought the game was hockey.

This is just another example that Messi is class. Does he get up in a players face? No. Does he get up and wave his injury about in the referees face? No. He waits till after the whistle and chews the other guy out as best he can. At the end of the day he goes home to the Balon D’Or, the Champions League trophy, and the La Liga winners cup. Not bad for a year’s decoration. Not as good as the time he won six. Still, there are so many ways why Leo reminds us that he is the best.

Iker Casillas & David Villa show some Spanish Love

In English journalism’s latest coop to disrupt the zen-like harmony within the national team

But when you do this

and this

and especially this


doesn’t disrupt this

But in the words of Xavi

Iker called me but that’s normal. We know each other since 1997. If there are problems, we talk. We want the best for the team.

                    — Xavi Hernandez

other countries take notes.