"It Smells Better on my Leg" - David Beckham Impersonates a Target Employee

In probably the greatest video you have ever seen. David Beckham dresses up as a Target employee and harasses innocent shoppers with his signature scent

Ellen does it again. In this switcheroo David says everything that escapes the show hosts lips trying to coerce customers into buying (or stealing) his cologne. The best part about this video is oh so fashionable david clad in a polo shirt, white sneakers and khaki’s waist high. I think he’s having a bit of fun with this one, considering he rarely gets to go out in public and talk to people. 

Best bits:


"It smells better on my leg"

"I’m from Austrailia but I can sound like I’m from Texas too partner"

"Hello. Hello? HELLO?"


It’s Liverpool, I’m Liverpool

Is a campaign aiming to raise the profile of the city and it’s people. Organizations from both the public and private sector have joined the project in the hope of encouraging more people to trade, work, visit and enjoy the city of Liverpool. There are many passionate, intelligent, good people behind the plan to re-imagine what’s already there on merseyside

Liverpool is one of the best cities in the world. Everyone who was here this morning knows that. But I think the challenge this morning is that as people of Liverpool are we being as positive as we can about everything this city has to offer.

My perception is when people internationally talk about Liverpool it’s overwhelmingly positive, and yet on a national level there’s still the old stereotypes about Liverpool. This campaign is about challenging that.”

           Olympic Broze Medalist - Steve Perry born in raised on merseyside

It’s also about trying to bring businesses and partners together to showcase Liverpool and promote Liverpool. The message that you see is a passionate stage for people to promote Liverpool themselves by claiming ‘I’m Liverpool, We’re Liverpool’

The message is come and see for yourself. Liverpool has the second most parks outside of London, Merseyside is home to the second most historical buildings outside of London. It’s about everything that the city has to offer in terms of culture, in terms of architecture, in terms of music, in terms of sport. Liverpool is the third most popular tourist destination in the country besides London & Edinburg, maybe one day it could be number two, or even number one.