Liverpool vs Manchester United - The Great Battles of Football - 2011/2012 Promo

another fanstastic youtube compilation of some of the greatest moments (and worst) of the northwest derby. On October 15th, the two greatest clubs in english football will face each other for the first time as they are now equals or are they…

Is this Harry Redknapp or Tony Montana? Whoever it is, I wouldn’t like to be the guy on the other end of the line.

Looks like Harry is getting fed up with the progress made on his transfers. Surely, he can’t be enjoying all the moves the other top clubs have been making this summer, while Spurs definitely still need a reliable striker.

From the looks of this, I’m sure Harry wont let the window close without getting what he wants

Scouting Report: Kun Aguero - Argentina/ Man City

If you think the subject of Sergio Aguero is something new, then you haven’t been around for the last three seasons. In fact, you may not have been around for the last 5 years. My first exposure to Aguero was alongside Fernando Torres still playing for Atleti. Both were young, talented strikers. Both were touted by FIFA 06 to be rated ‘99 Overall’ after three years in the video game, and both have lived up to expectations of being the most explosive, & deadly accurate finishers in the game.

At just 23 years old, Kun is already a football veteran. He’s been an essential part of Atletico’s attack since 2007, banging in 19 goals that year for the club. Atletico has always had mixed fortunes in football, and can never seem to sustain their momentum on the pitch. They have been blessed recently with wonderful forwards Torres & Kun but have never been able to construct a solid midfield or complete shore up a haphazard defense. As a result, they suffered. Torres left in 07 for Liverpool, and Aguero looks to be leaving now. Lucky for them, the Aguero money looks more likely to be used wisely after the Torres money only lasted another season or two before it was squandered away.

Kun Aguero as a player is explosive. He has blistering speed with or without the ball at his feet and has fantastic movement off the back line of opposing defenders. I think Aguero is one of the few players in the world that give Carlos Puyol, Ricardo Carvalho, Iker Casillas & Victor Valdes all recurring nightmares. He has an incredible sense of goal, finding the next from pretty much anywhere within 30 yards of the net, pulling off some incredible acrobatics as well. He fights for every touch, every yard, goal, & game and I’ve heard he’s a great player to play with. He’s selfish in the way that all strikers should be. Aguero is going to shoot the ball, he’s not the type to try to take a touch, or two before firing on frame. He’s got an amazing first touch & confidence in his ability and that’s what you want from your striker. This attribute will definitely help him in the Premier League because players often don’t have enough time or space to take a touch or two before getting off a shot. Aguero needs less than a yard of space to get a shot on target and that’s just not something that a coach can teach on a training ground. It’s a given gift.

Kun is extremely mature, he’s had a lot of pressure on his shoulders for a long time. He has been a huge part of Atletico’s attack since he was 17 years old, and also has the pressure of being Diego Maradona’s son-in-law which always puts pressure on him in Argentina. As always, he performs. He’s got the ability to score for club & country, and even when the players around him aren’t the best, he still finds a way to put the ball in the net. There are other problems Argentine football at the moment that has nothing to with Aguero (or Messi for that matter.)

The Premier League is the perfect challenge for Aguero at this time and Manchester City is a perfect fit. I think that Aguero truly loves Atletico and I think that influenced his decision to join City. Atleti will be able to do a lot of things with the money they get for his transfer fee, and Aguero would know that before he signed. Yes, he’s going to get paid a stupid amount of money to kick around a ball, but he can feel better because Atletico will also reap the rewards and be able to buy the players & hire the coaches they otherwise couldn’t because of the financial state of the club.

As for Aguero at City, I think he will link up fantastically well with the likes of David Silva & Yaya Toure who are both ‘trained in Spain’ and would know how to utilize Aguero in a football style he is familiar with. The Spanish style of football is similar to the ideal Italian style, and Roberto Mancini’s mind will be oozing with possibilities for his new signing. If Tevez leaves City, Aguero is a natural replacement. Tevez & Aguero have similar styles, it just so happens that Carlos Tevez has been playing with better players around him for the last three seasons, unlike Aguero. If City were to keep both of them, look out, I sure wouldn’t want to be defending with both of them bulldozing their way down the pitch.

In the end, it’s all up to Kun, but either way, all eyes will be on him to see what he does next year on the biggest stage in the world.

Good luck

Scouting Report: Juan Mata to Arsenal? Likely.

It seems clear already that Cesc Fabregas will depart the Gunners for his boyhood club Barcelona before the end of this summer’s transfer window. It will leave a huge gap in Arsenal’s midfield, Fabregas is a creator of many chances, many goals, and has a knack for scoring important ones himself. More importantly, Fabregas was Arsenal’s Captain, and transfering your Captain to another can have many diverse effects of the squad. All of this turns the fire up on Arsene Wenger who is clearly having a make or break year with the Gunners this season. He has already failed to sign most of his transfer targets but has improved the squad with the goalscoring additon of Gervinho, yet time will tell the Frenchman’s affect on the Premier League. But the Fabregas saga still looms over the Emirates:

Enter Juan Mata

As someone who has watched Juan Mata for years, I’d say he’s about as close to Fabregas as you can get without the price. Mata, only 23, has been a key talisman for club Valencia over the last 3 seasons. He lifted the World Cup trophy with Spain in 2010, and added an Under-21 World Cup title with Spain this summer. Mata shows everything you want in a footballer, fluidity, vision, control, & maturity. He also is looking for a challenge and a way to distinguish himself from many other Spanish footballers vying for a place of the national team. A move to England would really suit him, especially to Arsenal who some say at the ‘Spanish team’ of the Premier League.

With Fabregas surely gone, Arsenal will have to rely on its young midfielders Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, & Theo Walcott to produce goals as well as score them. Decision-making in the midfield will determine Arsenal’s season, and with such a young team, Mata’s experience at the highest level will make an invaluable addition. He is the type of player that is always two, three, or four passes ahead and those players always end up being the best footballers. Players with a similar quality include, Xavi, Iniesta, & Xabi Alonso, who can not only see the pass, but can actually pull it off, on the pitch, in a match, against tough opposition - something most players can’t do outside the training ground.

Whether Arsenal will win something this year even with Mata on the books is still up for grabs. Some say Wengers boys aren’t strong enough to compete against men for 9 months - physically or emotionally - after their collapse last season. Fabregas himself said that going from competing for 4 trophies to none in two weeks, heavily influenced his decision to want to leave the club. There are stronger teams in the Premier League than last year, two years ago, three, four, five, possibly ever. Wenger might have to change the tactics that have worked for him in the past because the league isn’t like it was a decade ago. With Man City buying players, Liverpool strengthening their depth, Chelsea spewing out cash as well, with Man Utd a threat as always, Arsenal will have to be fighting to even get a sniff of 5th place as Liverpool found out the hard way last season.

 But like the blasphemy that encurred before the end of the Benitez era at LFC, Arsene Wenger may be entering his last season at Arsenal. We’ll have to see if the Frenchman can even make it to the end, and if he signs enough good players to win trophies, because it’s been a long time since the Gunners have won silverware & more and more legions of Arsenal supporters are growing impatient and thinking that they’ve waited long enough.

Who knows, Mata could save the day. The only thing keeping him from the Gunners is Malaga who are the new Man City of La Liga, and may swoop in to buy him at the last moment.

 Either way, it should be a very interesting season for the Gunners.

Spurs sign Souleymane Coulibaly


Its good to see Tottenham to sign some type of striker and also beating the likes of  Real Madrid and Manchester United in a signing.  The 16- year old Ivorian striker is considered to play the same dominating style as his countrymen Didier Drogba as seen in Under-17 World Cup . Lets hope Spurs got this one right as Chelsea and Arsenal look on another so called Drogba imitator the Belgian Romelu Lukaku who plays for Anderlecht.

John O’Shea - Goodbye Manchester United - Welcome to Sunderland - Check out some of O’Shea’s best moments at United

Wes Brown also joins his United teammate at Sunderland alongside former Man Utd legend Steve Bruce. It looks to be an exciting summer for the Black Cats as 18 year old phenom Connor Wickham also signed for the club last month. It seems Sir Alex has a fondness for former players in management rolls, and this could be the start of a trend for the coming decades as more of Ferguson’s best pupils hang up their boots & put on their suits entering management rolls across the country.


Now I know why this guy never got fit. Poor Owen Hargreaves. The only place I’ve ever seen this exercise taken seriously is in that movie Heavyweights (1994) with Ben Stiller & Keenan Thompson. There is no way this would ever help a footballer get back to full fitness, and Owen has my permission to blame the idiot making noise in the background for his dismissal from Man United.