The Butterfly Effect - One of the Greatest Football Compilations of All Time - El Alonso14

perfect for a day like today. Every time I watch this video I get chills, it’s clearly one of the best videos ever made that sums up the sport of football. It defines how the tiniest moments can change history forever. It’s definitely worth 5 minutes of your life to see. I don’t think anyone would ever regret it

Sergio Ramos: Skills, Slides, Tackles - Real Madrid 2012HD

What can I say? I appreciate the simple things in life, like the duty of defenders. Great Sergio Ramos compilation, showcases some of the right-back’s finest moments for Los Merengues this season. Real Madrid seems to be chugging along quite nicely this season. Under Mourinho, they’re nestled nicely in Barcelona’s shadow, but are still top of La Liga.

Sergio Ramos is one of the best defenders in the world for both club & country. He’s got speed, skill, and the ability to play out of the back which makes highly rated throughout all of football. He’s still a young defender who could have another decade in him for Madrid.

This might be another compilation where mute is recommended. 

Real Madrid take on Malaga later today in the Copa Del Rey

Iker Casillas & David Villa show some Spanish Love

In English journalism’s latest coop to disrupt the zen-like harmony within the national team

But when you do this

and this

and especially this


doesn’t disrupt this

But in the words of Xavi

Iker called me but that’s normal. We know each other since 1997. If there are problems, we talk. We want the best for the team.

                    — Xavi Hernandez

other countries take notes.

It looks like we’re in for another decade (or two) of Spanish dominance in football. In the last year alone they have claimed World Cup 2010, Under 21 European Championships, & now the Under 19 FIFA World Cup honors. Oh yeah, let’s not forget Euro 2008.

Watch out Premier League, it seems like it wont be too much longer until big time investors jump ship for sunny Spain. Malaga have already been bought by middle eastern oil tycoons & while the Premier League is becoming crowded with great teams & not enough trophies, there is still only a big 2 in Spain, which leaves a lot more room for other teams to come from nothing and make their mark, earning tons of cash along the way.

It seems by largely resolving other political issues, Spain has finally started living up to its footballing potential by putting their differences aside. It has to be said that these world beaters look to continue their winning ways with perhaps a victory in Brazil 2014. I don’t think in any other circumstance such a claim so early on has such a high chance of being accurate. In the end, La Furia Roja deserve all the praise they have earned, they play for each other, they play as a team, they pass, finish, work hard & never give up. For that:

Viva Espana