ROMEO AND JULIET : Scouse Version

Two clubs alike in dignity, 

In Liverpool where we set our scene, 

And Juliet’s dad was Everton mad, 

While Romeo’s followed Bill Shankly’s team.

As she was going to Goodison Park, 

It being on derby day, 

He passed her on his way to the match 

And pretended he’d lost his way. 

‘Ello dear Jill can you help me, 

I’m sweating cobs cos it’s ten to three, 

If I don’t find that Goodison Road, 

I’m bound to miss Hunt’s opening goal?

Two clubs alike in dignity, 

In Liverpool where we set our scene, 

And Juliet’s dad was Everton mad, 

While Romeo’s followed Bill Shankly’s team.

She flashed her saucy eyes at him, 

And, oh, but they were Kendall-blue, 

She answered him quite modestly, 

I’d rather be dead than a red like you, 

I’m a Catterick maverick through and through, 

And I would die for the lads in Blue, 

But I’ll guide you to the holy ground, 

Lest you miss Alan scoring two.

Two clubs alike in dignity, 

In Liverpool where we set our scene, 

And Juliet’s dad was Everton mad, 

While Romeo’s followed Bill Shankly’s team.

He arched his back against the bar, 

To save her from the swaying fans, 

They sang “You’ll never walk alone”, 

And they left Goodison hand in hand. 

Well Juliet’s dad went raving mad, 

And Romeo’s nearly went beserk, 

But over a black-and-tan that night, 

They agreed mixed marriages never work, 

So while the moon was shining bright, 

Our star-struck lovers eloped one night, 

On the midnight ferry they crossed over, 

Now they’re both supporting Tranmere Rovers.

Two clubs alike in dignity, 

In Liverpool where we set our scene, 

And Juliet’s dad was Everton mad, 

While Romeo’s followed Bill Shankly’s team.

Um. this is Hilarious.

Guaranteed to make any Liverpool supporter cry, ‘Will’ is set in 2005 and is the story of an orphan boy who is determined to make his dream come true by crossing the whole of Europe to attend the Champions League Final in Istanbul. Pfff another cheesy kids movie, I bet it has some cheesy ending like a team coming from 3 - 0 down to lift the trophy - like that could ever happen

Even if you don’t support Liverpool, Will is a tale about a young boy following his dreams, and the story of football is merely a vessel for hope.

UPDATE: The Premier for the filmwill be held in Liverpool October 16th, with the general release in UK cinemas October 21st. A date for a worldwide release is still uncertain, but the production company is hoping that Likes on Facebook & Views of Youtube will spur the decision to release the film to audiences everywhere.

It’s Liverpool, I’m Liverpool

Is a campaign aiming to raise the profile of the city and it’s people. Organizations from both the public and private sector have joined the project in the hope of encouraging more people to trade, work, visit and enjoy the city of Liverpool. There are many passionate, intelligent, good people behind the plan to re-imagine what’s already there on merseyside

Liverpool is one of the best cities in the world. Everyone who was here this morning knows that. But I think the challenge this morning is that as people of Liverpool are we being as positive as we can about everything this city has to offer.

My perception is when people internationally talk about Liverpool it’s overwhelmingly positive, and yet on a national level there’s still the old stereotypes about Liverpool. This campaign is about challenging that.”

           Olympic Broze Medalist - Steve Perry born in raised on merseyside

It’s also about trying to bring businesses and partners together to showcase Liverpool and promote Liverpool. The message that you see is a passionate stage for people to promote Liverpool themselves by claiming ‘I’m Liverpool, We’re Liverpool’

The message is come and see for yourself. Liverpool has the second most parks outside of London, Merseyside is home to the second most historical buildings outside of London. It’s about everything that the city has to offer in terms of culture, in terms of architecture, in terms of music, in terms of sport. Liverpool is the third most popular tourist destination in the country besides London & Edinburg, maybe one day it could be number two, or even number one.

SCOUTING REPORT: Ross Barkley - Everton/ England

Everton began their premier league campaign this week against QPR due to their postponed fixture with Tottenham last week. It didn’t turn out all that well for the toffees who lost 1 - 0 at home against newly promoted side QPR, which marked the London club’s first away victory in the premier league since 1996.

Everton have had almost no investment this summer, a fact that everyone at the club knew at the start of the transfer window. In his 10th year as Everton manager, David Moyes has to work with what he’s got. What he’s got is Ross Barkley.

Fortunately for Everton, they’ve got one of the best youth systems in England, not to mention a strong heart of the team including Phil Jagielka, Leighton Baines, Mikel Arteta, Johnny Heitenga, Phil Neville & another talented young player in Jack Rodwell. Ross Barkley is also a product of their youth system, who at 17 has been a part of the academy since he arrived in 2005 at the age of 11

What struck me about Barkley is his presence on the ball, a term so loosely thrown around these days a lot of people have seemed to forget what it really means. Barkley never seemed phased by having the ball at his feet, in fact he was always putting himself in good positions to receive the ball which, for me is always the mark of a good young player rather than the typical standing still and waving their arms about. Barkley also showed a natural poise, and patience that is something that can be rarely taught to players, especially so young. He isn’t afraid to wait, look at his options before choosing the right pass. His head moves as fast as his feet, which is always the mark of a good player. He looks focused. Completely, unaware of the occassion, Barkley looked like he belonged out there.  He picked his passes and barely put a step out of line. In some ways, I was reminded of Wayne Rooney, the only similarity was that of a player playing well beyond his years on a big stage, completely oblivious of the occassion which allowed his talent to seep through.

With Blackburn, Aston Villa, & Wigan on the schedule in coming weeks, Barkley will likely get the chance he needs to become a regular in the toffees squad, especially with depth such an issue at Goodison Park this season. It’s looking good for the young midfielder who is only 17 and already 6’2” (178cm). One thing is for sure, if he keeps playing like this, he wont be at Everton for long. Too bad he’ll never play for Liverpool, another loss to be rued by the Anfield outlet, another one of potential praise by Manchester United. Afterall, if you’re for Everton & you hate Liverpool enough, it’s only natural to go to United. Here’s to hoping he wont, and he loves Everton enough to see them through tough times. I know I’m excited to see what game Ross Barkley has to bring in the coming weeks and months, and to see how often he can make the Goodison faithful sing.