Sergi Busquets: FC Barcelona - World’s Best Defensive Midfielder - FC Barcelona HD

I’ve always been very impressed with Sergi Busquets, and so is Pep Guardiola.

Overshadowed by almost every other member on the Barca squad, Busquets has the ability to impact play at the right moments for the blaugrana, making a menace of himself to the opposing squad, springing the attack, and aiding to protect his back line.

He can be trusted in big matches, and like all the best defensive midfielders: no one calls his name. That’s usually when he’s playing his best

Pep Guardiola - The Boss - Must Watch for the Blaugrana

This is a must watch for any Barca fan, especially fans of Pep Guardiola. It’s funny even if your favorite club is Real Madrid. We know that’s saying a lot.

Enjoy Pep the Director.

Lionel Messi: Ultimate Skills Show 2012 HD

Fantastic Lionel Messi compilation the highlights the Ballon D’Or winner’s passing, dribbling, and other qualities beside scoring. For me, Lionel Messi plays total football, even if you took away his goalscoring ability, he’d still be one of the world’s best.

Just look at the way he keeps the ball, the way he dribbles through multiple defenders, the way he fends off larger players by shielding the ball. Messi uses the slightest touches to put the ball in an area where he’s able to use space. He has a great ability to see the field even with his head down, and make the right pass.

He’s not a robot when he gets the ball, it’s not as if he only knows one direction to run and all other directions do not compute. It’s fun watching defenders spin around like tops trying to get the ball from him. For me, that’s another mark of a great player: how much players defending him have to adjust every time he touches the ball. The best part is: they still can’t stop him.

Cesc Fabregas: All Goals for FC Barcelona 2011/2012

Cesc Fabregas has slipped into the squad at Barcelona like only a La Masia product could. While Barcelona fans at the start of the season had asked “Why do we need Cesc Fabregas?” They now ask, “Why not?” 

Fabregas great chemistry with the rest of the squad, especially with Lionel Messi. Their budding partnership formed almost instantly. There is a little bit of everything to Fabregas game, at times he looks like Xavi or Iniesta, but is more of an attacking option than both.

The goals Cesc has scored for the blaugrana have featured far more flare than was seen from him in England, although there is less pressure to score than there was at Arsenal, and far more ways to have fun. It must be nice winning knowing your club can score 4 or more goals in every match whether you’re on the pitch or not.

Let’s face it: Fabregas is living the dream, playing professional football surrounded by his childhood friends, and family. Let’s just watch, learn, and be proud we have been able to see him in his prime, enjoying the game and being grateful for so much. It’s nice to see peoples dreams come true, and it’s hard to be sour about the recent rise of Barcelona because of all they have been through. Not to mention, there is hardly any news of any of the Barca squad putting a boot out of line off the pitch, unless you count shamelessly making out with Shakira.

Cesc Fabregas tacked on two more goals to his tally to 13 on the season.

Not bad for the new boy